It’s all just a balancing act.

After two decades, I decided to stop for a moment of zen.

Twenty years seemed like a natural milestone to stop and reflect. It’s like when you’re climbing a mountain and you reach a good waypoint to enjoy the view you’ve achieved so far. You can look back upon the rocky and windy Teenage Trail receding behind you, disappearing into the enchanted forest of childhood, now just a hazy patch of trees in the distance.

There’s still a hell of a trek ahead, but it’s wise to stop now and then, to lay your heavy backpack down, and to appreciate what you’ve achieved and how you can go about the rest of your journey in better ways.

Here are 100 things I’ve surmised from my 20+ year journey thus far — lessons to keep with me like little pebbles collected on a hike. I hope they resonate with you.

  1. Be humble and others will brag for you.

As I continue living, this list is something I intend on coming back to, as my outlook and experiences grow and change. This was the first iteration of this list.

This list first appeared as a blog post on my website:

Writer & Video Producer.

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